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Big Bay Point Lighthouse Inn


The Inn

In 1986, the two story brick building and its adjoining 60-foot-high, square tower were converted into a bed-and-breakfast. The inn has five guest rooms all with private bathrooms.  Guests enjoy all the conveniences of modern life with the exception of individual television and phones. In addition, more than three acres of lawn, 40 acres of woods with trails are at the disposal of guests.
Climb to the lighthouse lantern, 120 feet above the lake surface. From this vantage point, visitors can survey open fields of native grasses and wildflowers, dense hardwood and pine forests, the majestic Huron Mountains looming in the distance and the ever-changing face of Lake Superior.   
Guest rooms located on the first and second floor all afford a view. A good night's sleep is guaranteed, but early risers may be rewarded with close-up view of deer, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, wild turkey and other assorted wildlife feeding in the meadow at daybreak. 
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Meet the Keeper


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Nick Korstad

Nick Korstad assumed ownership of Big Bay Point Lighthouse on May 11, 2018. Prior to purchasing Big Bay Point Lighthouse, Nick bought and restored Borden Flats Lighthouse for which he was featured in Coastal Living, Nightly News with Lester Holt, and HGTV's You Live in What?. He is also the current keeper of the unique and historic Browns Head Lighthouse in Maine, and President of the American Lighthouse Foundation.