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Big Bay Lighthouse Tours 
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Big Bay Lighthouse is an active aid to navigation monitored by the U.S. Coast Guard. Our light is the brightest on Lake Superior and provides a beam visible 20-nautical miles. Our current light is a 1940s era DCB-36 rotating beacon with a Tideland 300mm emergency backup. 

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Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright

Tour dates: June-September

The Big Bay Point Light Station is a privately owned and operating residence. Public access through the Bed and Breakfast Inn and designated tour dates, provides the necessary funds to keep the lighthouse preserved for future generations. We thank all our guests and patrons for supporting our beacon. May the light shine bright! 

*Lighthouse fans are welcome to visit the property on a daily basis between 10am-4pm. We ask that all visitors park outside the entrance gate and are allowed to walk outside the white fence within the parking area. All the land around the lighthouse, including the driveway is PRIVATE. (Do NOT walk along the cliff) Please do not enter the fenced area, as this area is reserved for guests of the Inn and the owners of the property. Great viewing of the lighthouse and Lake Superior can be had behind the garage.*

Tours:  2022 June 12, 26, 30
July 3, 17, 25
Sept 11, 15, 25
Grounds Closed Oct 1 - April 30

Cost: $12 per person

Access: Guided tour through the keepers' house to the lantern area. Tour includes viewing of the 3rd order Fresnel lens. 

Duration: Tours typically last 35 minutes. 

Availability: We provide guided tours, with a maximum of 6-people per tour slot. 

Age: 10-years of age and older.